Women of NASA LEGO Build

I bought myself a couple of LEGO sets as birthday presents to myself, and this is the first, albeit smallest of the two.

Opening the Box


  • LEGO Ideas booklet (inc. building instructions)
  • 1x large, 2x small plastic packets
  • large one contains a 4th, smaller packet with very small items, 1×1 plates, transparent dots, etc.

Opening all the bags, it was only afterwards I realised there was a QR code on one of them, unfortunately I tore through it opening the bag so couldn’t scan it to see where it led to. Possibly an online instruction booklet?

Box reads for ages 10+, I’m fairly sure I was building 12+ models when I was still 7. Seriously, who pays any attention to those guide figures? Kids figure it out, at least I always used to. That’s part of the fun!

Margaret Hamilton & whiteboard

24mins to build.

Margaret Hamilton in LEGO

Margaret Hamilton in LEGO

Took a bit to get going, I’ve not built any LEGO since my Ghostbusters ECTO-1 set two years ago. Blimey! So probably about a 20 minute build, nothing complicated except for the stacking of the blue and white tiles (I presume they represent papers or books or disks?) as they are supposed to be haphazard. It’s not easy to deliberately put something into place haphazardly!

Mae Jemison & Sally Ride with Shuttle

22mins to build.

Mae Jemison & Sally Ride in LEGO

Mae Jemison & Sally Ride in LEGO

Similar design for the base, and then the shuttle and booster modules. Slightly more complicated to build than the first one, but I’d found my fingers and thumbs were cooperating with me by now.

It’s at this point all the nostalgia of building LEGO sets as a kid kicks in. The build of the shuttle especially, the space theme was always one of my first choices in any set, the Ice World range being a particular favourite back in the day. Those sets were great, with Ice Commander Bear and his team expiring an alien world of ice and snow, in ships that had skies, launching satellites from land and air. The sets were identifiable by blue and white builds with neon orange canopies, visors, antennae, and their little ice saws. Anyway, I digress down memory lane. Back to the build!

Again, nothing dramatically complicated, just a fiddle to line up the boosters on the fuel module. Nose cone of the shuttle feels a little delicate, pops off quite easily. A future redesign may benefit from a bar on top of the cockpit area to sturdy it.

Nancy G. Roman & Hubble

10mins to build.

Nancy G. Roman in LEGO

Nancy G. Roman in LEGO

Easy, and I’m finally in full build mode by now. I can remember where everything goes, it almost comes to the point where you don’t need to really look at the instructions anymore, just a mere glance and you know which bricks to reach for next, and where to place them. I used to pride myself at being a fast builder as a kid, usually on the afternoon of my birthday or Christmas which was when I got most of my LEGO, or a school holiday when I spent whatever pocket money I’d saved up over the previous weeks.

There is something rather endearing to the old “sometimes we have to bodge it and fix it” attitude of early space exploration when you realise that the main body of the Hubble space telescope is made of a LEGO City dustbin piece. It kinda says it all, really, and reminds you that the crew of Apollo 13 were saved from CO2 poisoning by the use of gaffer tape and astronaut socks to jerry-rig two different types of CO2 scrubbers.

The complete Women of NASA LEGO Ideas set

The complete Women of NASA LEGO Ideas set

So that’s it. This quite a nice, easy build to get me back into the swing of things. I had originally planned to do this one after completing the massive build that will be VOLTRON, but then I thought better of it. That’s a mahoosive build, with five separate components that come together to make the final mecha, which is going to take some building.

For reference, my TARDIS set took about two hours in Christmas afternoon to build, while the Ghostbusters ECTO-1 set took two evenings after work. VOLTRON is going to be about four or five hours, I’d guess. Watch this space for a build review on that one coming soon.