Star Trek: Discovery first thoughts 

I must’ve watched this a dozen times now. It’s… Interesting. I can see they’ve taken the old Ralph McQuarrie concepts from before TMP (hence the retro 70s sci-if look and feel, the triangular shaped secondary hull, the sweeping wings, the flat lines and sharp angles.
Am I convinced? Not yet. This is just a short reel of her leaving dock. I need to see her in full manoeuvres, firing phasers and torpedoes, shield impacts, damage hits, and how she handles it all, before I’ll be able to say whether I like her or not. As with all good ships, it can take time to come to love them. Some you fall in love with the moment you set eyes on them (for me, Enterprise-E and the Akira class come into this category, alongside Serenity from the Firefly universe). Others grow on you (I didn’t like the Excelsior class at first, but then I grew to like it over time. I never liked the Galaxy class Enterprise-D, too oddly shaped for me.)

And of course, the ship is the home. It’s the crew that are just as important. Perhaps the crew will bring warmth to this ship. We’ll wait and see.

Other observations: she’s a reasonable sized ship, hard to count decks on this but I’m guessing approximately 23 decks, that puts her larger than Voyager by 8, larger than Enterpise-A by 2, but smaller than Galaxy and Sovereign at 36 and 29 decks respectively. Large, wide shuttle bay at the rear, hopefully they make good use of this in the story. Classic design elements all in place (red bussards, blue impulse engines instead of red though, blue deflector dish, clear line between saucer section primary hull and star drive secondary hull.)

Hmmm. Yeah, not convinced as yet, but maybe she’ll grow on me.

Tl;dr: I’m a geek. I’m a Trekkie. I’m not convinced as yet, maybe it’ll grow on me, I’ll reserve full judgment.

Video can be found here…