Review: The Borderlands


I’d heard good things about this film, but nearly didn’t buy it (iTunes not having it up for rent, only buy). But, I decided go for it (payday treat) and parted with hard earned cash. I’m happy to say it was well spent.

The film is set in a rural Devon town, complete with silent yokels, teenage yobs on the street corner, a dimly lit pub, and a church with a dwindling, almost non-existent congregation. This is the epicentre of the story, where a grainy video of unexplained noises, rumblings, and moving crucifixes and candlesticks sets in motion a Vatican-led investigation into “miraculous” occurrences.

Our team is layabout techie Gray, hard drinking priest Deacon and straight laced, by-the-book priest Mark. The dynamic between them is fresh and off-beat, investing you in far more realistic, believable characters than are usually foisted upon us in similar fare. There is little Scooby-gang style exposition to fill in gaps, we witness and work out most of the plot lines at the same time they do, through their eyes. It just works.

With the shaky camera footage a lot less shaky than in most other found-footage films, the viewer is not left feeling violently ill halfway through. The comic starting point for the three characters soon makes way to a creeping sense of dread, until the climactic descent into the catacombs that will have you reeling from a truly horrifying end. This is how horror should be, and it is brilliant.

Five stars from me, I highly recommend. Can’t wait to see more from writer/director Elliot Goldner.