Ooh what a picture

I’ve been taking a few more photos recently. Having an iPhone with a decent camera helps. It’s always with you, handy to snap quickly with the new screen shortcuts. And with the various ways of posting photos to t’internets, easy to share, right?

Well, not quite.

You see, I have photos on Flickr. I can upload them direct from my Mac using Aperture. Used to be able to upload them using Echofon, my Twitter app, from my iPhone and iPad. But that feature has now stopped being supported.

I also have photos on FaceBook. Again, can upload them from my Mac and iOS devices.

Oh yeah, I have some on Lockerz. Echofon stopped supporting Flickr, so Lockerz was the next best thing. Remembers your full history, the in-app support lets you view people’s back catalogue. Very handy.

Except… I know also use Twitter pictures. Because, when you use the native Twitter app on iOS, or the native built-in share to Twitter options in iOS 5, it ignores your settings to use either Lockerz, Yfrog or Twitpic, and always defaults to Twitter. Annoying.

Oh yeah, nearly forgot one. Tumblr. Don’t get me started, that’s a serious procrastination tool right there. Lots of interesting stuff on Tumblr.

And of course, if you want you can upload directly inline on blogs such as this, using WordPress.

So, what was that about being easy? Yeah, very easy. But how about organisation? Nope. Not good at all.

What I’d like is to be able to take my picture, and upload it to one place, one time, and for it to be available everywhere. No work around found yet. Anyone, any ideas? What do you use for your photo blogging ?