Hit the ground running

Blimey, what a way to start the year! Sorry I’ve not been blogging, been really busy.

New Year’s Eve, me and the parents went to Marsden Liberal Club to see JB Goode play live for the evening. It’s always a brilliant gig, and, as I’d been hoping, Ben Carter from Evile was there. (If you haven’t gathered that Evile and HIM are my two favourite bands by now, you haven’t been paying attention, have you?)

I am ludicrously lucky to be able to say that I am on first-name terms with the drummer of my favourite band. I am deeply honoured to be able to talk to him, Ben if you read this: sorry if I bend your ear off too much! To spend New Year drinking and talking with him for most of the evening was just totally awesome.

Asking him about the upcoming Third Album was met with a response along the lines of “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you!” Given that Ben is built like a brick outhouse and kicks ten bells of shit out of a drum kit the size of the New York city skyline for a living, you’d be forgiven for wondering if he is actually joking.

He did, however, give a few little hints about the coming year for Evile, and his excitement quietly palpable. I wish him and Evile every success this year. For it to go without a hitch would be extremely wishful thinking, but they have good scope for strong achievements in 2011.

This pic pretty much sums up the evening for me:

That’s Steffy-Lou, Ben’s elder sister and the bassist/co-vocalist of JB Goode. This was close on midnight, everyone was well gone, so she hoiked herself, and the double bass, up on the bench. Yes, it is scraping the ceiling. Yes, it is bigger than she is. Yes, this picture is awesome.

As for achievements, what am I intending to get under my belt this year? Honestly, I have no idea. I’ve hit the ground running, though, enrolling on Jeremy C Shipp’s Yard Gnome Army Writing Bootcamp for the first 8 weeks of the year. I have the first big assignment, a 3000 word short story in first draft due in tomorrow, and am already getting good (more importantly, useful!) feedback from him on the smaller assignments. This is turning into a fresh, invigorating way to start the year.

My resolution of blogging at least once a week has already failed, but at least for good reason this time. Hopefully, as I learn to time-manage better over the next few weeks, I’ll blog a lot more often.

For now, know that I am writing, enjoying myself, and looking forward to another really good year. 2010 had way more ups than downs, I’m glad to say, I hope this year will be the same.

Also, if you haven’t yet bought the soundtrack album from Series 5 of Doctor Who, composed by Murray Gold, why not? It is amazing, gives a good feel for the overall series. You don’t always appreciate the music in a TV series, this album might open your ears a little.