In Dreams of Terror Leave Me Be

"Am I hearing the voice of reason? Let me save myself... let me suffer my way."

Andy W Marsden writes horror, while listening to heavy metal and eating Jaffa Cakes in his parents' attic.
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Michael Dorn and Bill Mumy

When the science-fiction childhoods of two generations collide…


Playground in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia, by Sergey Maximishin

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The Gashadokuro are such a cool folklore concept.

My favorite thing is this idea that they somehow are able to silently stalk people despite being almost 100-foot tall skeletons, because no one looks up.

Gashadokuro aka the starving skeletons are the reanimated and combined bones of the victims of starvation. Up to a hundred feet tall, they are heralded by the sound of bells ringing in the ears of their victims. They reach down from above to capture people and bit their heads off. The Gashadokuro haunt the darkness after midnight.

Japanese folklore has a ton of giant skeletons but the Gashadokuro is the coolest + creepiest

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Hey creatures, what if I told you that my first new single is in pre-release mode, getting ready to fly free in a few weeks? Weeehhhhhooo I’m gonna need you all to tell the world with me, louder than ever before, I’m nothing without you. Can we make some waves in this world this time? :)

Please don’t say you love me, ‘cause I might not say it back.
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